Large format tiles have been in production for over a decade, but it’s only in the last couple of years that they’ve gained popularity, and for good reason. With these tiles you can achieve two very popular aesthetics in your interiors: the austere architectural look, and the look of luxurious elegance.

Architectural or elegant?

Thanks to the rise of the industrial and architectural aesthetic in interiors, materials like concrete and natural stone have become extremely popular in interior design. While it’s not always accessible (or affordable!) to use stone over large areas, you can replicate this style with tiles by using large format tiles in natural colours. If this is not for you and your taste leans more toward classic styles, large format tiles can also be the answer. Elegant finishes will never be out of fashion, and what could be more elegant than a sweeping high-gloss marble floor? Again, a look that is easier to achieve with large format tiles.

Why large format tiles

Using larger tiles result in fewer and significantly thinner grout lines, giving you an uninterrupted finish and an almost seamless look. The very thin slabs are ideal for renovating floors and walls and can even be tiled to the old surface, avoiding a lot of work! It can cover a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, worktops and even curved surfaces. Because of the thin grout lines, large format tiles are also easier to maintain. They are available in a variety of materials, including concrete, marble, stone and high polish porcelain, and can be mixed and matched with smaller tiles or tiles with different shapes to achieve a variety of interesting designs. By using precision cutting services offered by Tile Styles, your design options are limitless.

Here are some tips to transform your home into an architectural masterpiece using large format tiles:

  • Use large format tiles in neutral colours in small rooms – It will open the space and make it appear larger.
  • Have tiles cut into rectangles of different widthsInstall the rectangles horizontally on one wall, and vertically on another wall for an interesting industrial effect.
  • Marble tiles give a sleek, Italian designer look – A good porcelain tile with a palazzo marble effect is a stunning substitute for actual marble tiles.

  • Herringbone is on trend – Have your large format tiles cut and laid in a large herringbone pattern in contrasting colours to bring an interesting edge to your floors or walls.
  • Use the same colourMake your kitchen or bathroom appear seamless using large format tiles on the floor and walls, and matching the colour to your kitchen cupboards or bath, basin and toilet.
  • Use one tile, with a design cut into it, to create a piece of art for a wall or floor – a statement piece in your entrance hall or on a statement wall in a bathroom.






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