Elegance Incarnated

Avoid trying to match mosaics or fascias to tiles you have bought – rather create uniformity in your space by having bespoke mosaics water jet cut & netted by us from your own tiles. Mix & match, introduce another colour, or even crystals or glass pieces for a bespoke look.

Cutting Edge Design

Unify your outside areas by having us manufacture your pool edging from the same tiles used in other areas, or a tile you have personally chosen to create your own unique space.

Find Your Flair

Create a lasting impression throughout your home. Why not get inspired and design your own unique spaces within your home? Whether you want a sleek and contemporary finish of water jet cut and etched shower floors complete with drain covers, or a specially designed accent wall, very little is impossible with water jet cutting. So let your imagination flow.

Crafted Excellence

Basic steps, spiral staircases, floating steps etc – We create step edges using the same tiles you’ve selected for your floors creating a beautiful finish to your staircases and steps. The same process is used to create edge trims.

Distinctive Quality

Our portfolio includes corporate branding and we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients like Chatsworth Centre and Durban Airport.

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