A little bit of contrast for harmony
As a basic principle of design, contrast has always had consideration, it refers to the presentation and arrangement of opposing elements. As a trend for 2019 contrast is now given extra consideration and validity. Shifting from “something to consider” to “something to focus on”, becoming an effective way to make a big impact. These little changes have a big payoff when it comes to the overall design of your space and can influence the overall aesthetic. Some of these trends may be a little bit underrated, but after seeing the inspiration out there you will be eager to try them.

Mosaics are defined as creating a picture or pattern with pieces (generally small pieces), using stones, tile or glass. Mosaics are nothing new, however, when we think of mosaics the first thing that comes to mind are out-dated, busy and bright mosaics. They are much more than that in 2019, bringing in the era of sophisticated and harmonious mosaics with a combination of precision cut tiles.

The beauty of what Tile Styles can offer is that you now don’t have to spend endless hours choosing a matching mosaic or buying something off the shelf you may not entirely be happy with. Tile Styles precision cuts your tiles with a specialist water jet cutting machine then sheets the pieces onto a backing – so you can choose any design you desire.
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2019 is playing host to the contrasting grout trend. Bringing colour into bathrooms and kitchens in a unique way, when we say contrasting we mean ALL colours, from primary to neutral colours including a bit of sparkle with glitter grout. A nice idea would be to incorporate stark white grouting with colourful tiles, this is a spectacular idea for kitchens.

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If you’re not contrasting grout colour, you could consider contrasting tile colours. One method of contrasting tile colours is adding them in with bespoke tile decors that Tile Styles can cut & manufacture for you. Other methods include strategically using beautiful colour combinations or colour-blocking sections of the room. For example, consider contrasting your floor to the walls and ceiling or a feature wall in a contrasting colour/design.

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Tiles of all different sizes come together to transform your space. Big floor tiles with smaller wall tiles, or mix and match on the same wall, it is up to you. Stray away from stock standard tile sizes, with Tile Styles you can choose your exact tile size, cut to your specific requirements. Add even more depth to your space by featuring sections with tiny tile details, effectively incorporating three different size tiles or incorporating metallic strips or blocks of copper, brass or stainless steel.

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We are no longer confined to sticking with one orientation. Insets of contrasting orientation and layout are proving to be very popular this year, especially in showers. Herringbone or vertical/horizontal insets for your bathroom. But it doesn’t stop there. Insets of smaller tiles with different shapes and colours can also work really well.

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)

Unleash your inner creative, mix it up, play with shapes, size, colour to create a space unlike any other. However you want to tackle this trend, choose Tile Styles to help you create a space of your dreams, with their superior technology & excellent service.



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