Dreaming of renovating and updating your home is fun, but deciding on the decor itself, the semi-permanent fixtures with price tags eating up your savings, can sometimes be a nightmare.

“Will it be good enough?” “Will I still love it next month?” “Will it look as good in my home as it does on paper?” “Will I regret this?”

Everyone dreams of the perfect home, the perfect space with the perfect vibe and the perfect colour. They want to steer clear of chaos and disorder, and, above all else, everything has match!

At Tile Styles, we believe that the ‘pursuit of perfection’ can quickly become the ‘paralysis of perfection’. Once you’ve achieved ‘flawless’, there isn’t much left to do. So we’ve collected a few of our favourite ‘perfectly imperfect’ trends that belong at the top of their game but still leave room for growth.


Controlled Chaos

It may be a bit divisive, but if you’re looking for a stunning bit of design anarchy, you can’t go wrong with mismatched tiles. An easy look to achieve if you have leftover tiles from your last decor overhaul, piecing patchwork tiles together has become something of an artistry.

While we adore this trend, it can become a bit overwhelming when not executed properly. A room filled with every shape in every colour splashed haphazardly is just messy.

A word of advice- when using mismatched patchwork tiles, avoid varying the size or shape, and instead opt for varying patterns of a similar colour.


Can Consistency

The last decade has seen the world of design slowly leave uniformity behind. Decor has embraced the natural variation and unique imperfections that occur in natural materials and designers, and artists alike have put this newfound respect for imperfection to good use.

The latest trends in decor point towards tiles showcasing interesting differences in tone, colour, shade and design.

Celebrate a diverse mix of organic designs and their distinct aesthetic instead of hiding natural variation. Use similar shades and shapes to create a mosaic of art that flows freely as shapes and colours fit together without any influence.


Creative Cacophony

A style that has gained as much popularity as regular mosaics, the herringbone pattern is a gorgeous alternative to your typical mishmash of broken tiles.

A stunning call-back to patterns in nature, this pattern, styled after the bones of a fish, is a chic installation in almost any space. Most popular with marble textures and contrasting grout, there are endless options available when laying this pattern in your home.

We love pairing darker tiles with gold and silver grouting for an extra bit of flair.

Bridge the gap between perfection and happiness with these styles, and fall in love with your space all over again with the help of Tile Styles’ bespoke tile designs.



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