Whether you are looking for a new trendy feature or you are brave enough to boldly tile the whole room, metallic finishes are definitely an eye-catching option. Metallic tiles are changing the way we think about bathrooms and kitchens. Utilise them to accompany any design style, from traditional to industrial.

One of our favourite metallic finishes is gold, truly the star of the show. Gold is so versatile, and can be combined with black, white and marble to add an air of sophistication to the room.

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We love the look of gold metallic tiles with stark white grouting. Put your own spin on this look by considering different layouts. Try a herringbone pattern, subway tiles, or consider a scalloped or bespoke pattern, use brass to add a different effect & texture.

We love the way these stunning tiles catch the light. In this case, less is more – metallic tiles are wonderful to incorporate scattered throughout a wall just to add some intrigue. Black tiles aren’t for everyone, but if you love them, they provide the perfect contrast to metallic tiles. Black geometric tiles with scattered gold metallic tiles/brass looks amazing and adds a bit of fun.

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For those who are more conservative, we recommend tiling half the wall and finishing off the top with a metallic strip, it is understated and classy. This is also a brilliant way of tying in any metallic fixtures or decor.

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With all trends, you can completely customise it and make it your own with the help of the team at Tile Styles! When it comes down to it, you can mix and match the tiles you use. Are you thinking of a unique tile shape or design? Why not try it with metallic or textured tiles?

These tiles lend themselves to different arrangements. The best way to explore the possibilities is to experiment with different layouts and colour combinations. For example, choose varying shades of metallic blue in a fish scale pattern to reinforce an ocean theme in your bathroom.

If you are someone who prefers more neutral, toned-down colours, the metallic trend doesn’t exclude you. Mix and match bronze, copper and grey metallic tiles in varying sizes as a feature wall. Fireplaces are also the perfect showcase for a neutral look, the warm light of a fire is the perfect complement for these tiles.

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Similar to mirrors, the metallic tiles’ reflective nature has the ability to create depth in room, making it appear bigger. The way these tiles reflect light also makes the room appear brighter. If you have a small bathroom with not much natural light, strategically placed metallic tiles or even a mirror cut to size can open up the space and make it more inviting.

If you are considering experimenting with shapes and sizes, Tile Styles offers a number of services to help you create beautiful, unique tiles. We would love to help you create your perfect space, chat to us about how we can help.



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