The world of tiles is constantly changing with new trends emerging every year. Each trend pushes the limits of creativity and innovation, some even bringing about unique methodologies of achieving the aesthetic. No matter which trend you choose Tile Styles has the technology and facilities to cut tiles to bring your vision to life. If you are planning a remodel, renovation or build in 2020, here are some of our top trends on the horizon for the upcoming year.

Finessed Finishes

A trend that is coming up in the fast lane, are tiles manufactured to look like rare, precious and semi-precious stones. With Tile Styles you can cut these tiles in any shape and size to introduce your unique tiling concept to your home.

Sculpted Tiles

Bas relief, a form of sculpting in which the figures are only slightly elevated from a flat background. The tiling trend makes use of patterns that are raised off the tiles flat surface, similar to anaglypta wallpaper. Tile Styles have the ability to add grooves to your tiles to emulate this style.

Another Throwback

Bringing back the psychedelic, relive the magic of the 60s and 70s with trippy tiles full of life and colour. These may not be for everyone but we will see what 2020 holds for this emerging trend and just how popular it will prove to be.

Colours Coming Through

Some colour trends that are ending strong in 2019 and proving themselves are jet black tiles and the colour combination of terracotta and green. More and more homeowners are turning their bathroom into a statement with black tiles and dark tones. Hot on the heels of the black monochromatic palette is the stunning combination of warm tones, orange and red, with a cool, sage green.

Turning Over A New Green Leaf

Speaking of green, we have our final pick of trends, custom cut mosaic tiles to depict the great outdoors. Palm tree mosaics and monstera leaves are proving to be very popular. We love how this trend adds a touch of greenery (that you don’t have to water or maintain) and is reminiscent of a tropical paradise.


Tile Styles are the leaders in bespoke tile cutting services for projects of all sizes, from massive custom cut tiles to minute details and accent tiles. Chat to us about tile concepts for your home and experience the benefits of water jet cutting for exceptional quality and precise finishes.



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