Fidget spinners, flash mobs, MySpace, the Macarena and Mullets. These are trends that had a short shelf-life. They were massively popular fads one minute and the next they were gone (thank goodness). We’re quite happy to leave them in the past.


Today we’re not talking about those kinds of trends. We’re talking about trends with staying power. Ones that are so good, that we’re cutting them from the lists of 2018 trends and pasting them into our first list of tiling trends for 2019. These trends were big this year and they’re not going anywhere.


1. Pattern

Pattern is still going to be a big trend in 2019. Whether we are talking about creating pattern with different coloured, shaped or textured tiles, or tiles with beautiful and interesting patterns on them, interior designers can’t get enough.


The days of trying to choose tiles that will just blend into the background of a room are gone. People are making a feature of their floors, creating interest on their kitchen splashbacks and a whole lot more with pattern and patterned tiles. This tile trend is expressive, sometimes nostalgic (think Victorian black and white patterns) and is a great way of bringing your own personality into a space.


2. Wood Effect Tiles

Natural textures like stone and wood have been seeing a rise in popularity over the past few years – so the fact that wood effect tiles are a hot trend right now, and will continue to be in 2019, makes sense. People get all the beauty of wooden floors with all the convenience, practicality and quality of tile. You can lay it throughout your home, without needing to worry about the “wooden floors” in areas like bathrooms or kitchens where they may get wet – creating a seamless, unified look in your home. Exterior wood effect tiles can be used to great effect too because you get the look of having decking in your outdoor areas without all maintenance that comes with it.


3. Geometric

We’re not surprised this one is sticking around. In 2019 geometric shapes, and hexagonal tiles in particular, are still going to be a design obsession – not hard to understand why designers are embracing something different after years of the shapes of tiles being so limited. People love the ‘honeycomb’ look and hexagonal tiles will be back in every size, colour or texture you can think of. We think you’ll ‘bee’ seeing these everywhere in 2019

Tile Styles water jet cutting technology lets us cut your tiles into any custom shape you desire – there’s no limit to what beautiful geometric designs (or any other designs for that matter) we could create together.

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