The devil is in the details. The way you finish off a building or renovation project is so important – it’s those finishing touches that make the difference between something that looks okay and something truly stunning and worth every cent that you have invested in your building or renovation. However, sometimes a project can become this long and exhausting race to the finish. Inevitably there’s the odd unexpected delay which could ultimately cause a rushed job in the end and causing corners to be cut when it comes to  those finishing touches. But that’s the worst mistake to make on a project.

Things have become pricey

Surprise expenses are a problem when it comes to building and renovations, yet they always raise their heads! Throughout the process, you have a budget you are trying to stick to, but every now again there seems to be an extra invoice or expense that you didn’t plan for. So when you get to the last leg of the project and it’s time for finishes, like the bespoke, patterned tiles you planned for on a feature wall, the custom pool coping or beautiful sleek step edges to finish off your staircase that you had budgeted for, you think you can save a little money and just go for a cheaper, store-bought option to hurry the project along and cut costs.

A completely understandable move, but it’s perhaps a little short sighted in the long term.

How you finish a project completely changes the look of a space – those last details will be the first things people notice when they see it. By compromising and going for something close, but not quite what you envisioned, you could end up disappointed with the end result. Plus, after a little time it’s likely you end up removing the store-bought solutions and changing those finishes – costing you more money than it would have done if you’d gone for what you really wanted the first time.


Details, details, details

Putting some time, money and thought into those finishing details is really important – they can make or break a design. Going for something custom or bespoke can make a space more personal and unique – those details are the ones you will keep coming back to, the ones that’ll help you enjoy all the work you put into the renovations or building. They make all the difference, so rushing through and not doing them properly is a mistake.

Take tiles for example (we know a little thing or two about those). What you choose will have a huge impact on your final results –  for example the size of your tiles can make your space look bigger (large format tiles can do this), or smaller and more occupied (with smaller patterned tiles).


Custom finishes also give you a chance to unify a space. For example, using pool coping that matches the tiling in the rest of your outdoor spaces, or
edging on your staircase manufactured from the same tile youve used throughout, will create a seamless, timeless look.


Perhaps you can even save some money on
décor items by spending more on your finishes. By choosing to put a custom design on a feature wall you won’t need to find wall hangings or pictures, your whole wall is a piece of art. Or by creating a bespoke pattern for your flooring, you won’t need another expensive rug to help break up the monotony (and even help save all those cleaning & maintenance costs!).


One way to ensure you get those last details right is by partnering with the right people. You want efficient and swift installation of your finishes so choose a reputable company with a proven track record.
Tile Styles can custom cut your tiles into any shape or design you’ve been imagining, or give you advice on the custom details and finishing touches we can help you with.

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