Tiling your home can often be a stressful and lengthy process, as it involves picking the perfect tiles and finding the perfect company to provide the tile cutting and installation service. These two factors need to work together to ensure the end result is what you had hoped for.


The Right Tiles

Whether you’re tiling a newly renovated kitchen, the additional bathroom you’ve just built onto your house, or your outside entertainment area, there are elements of the design you need to consider when selecting your tiles:


The purpose of the room is often the starting point when picking tiles. This goes hand in hand with the feeling you want the room to create. Are you aiming for a clean, modern feel? Or is your intended design meant to create a warm, homely atmosphere? These are important factors to consider.


Tiles affect space, so the tiles you select will have a huge impact on the end result; how big or small your space looks. Bigger tiles make a space look bigger, while smaller tiles create a ‘busy’ feeling, making even  larger spaces feel more occupied.


Furniture or decor will have an impact on the tiles you choose, especially if you already own items you wish to put back into the room you are re-tiling. Choosing tiles that don’t match the theme of your existing furniture and decor may result in you having to replace the items or with a room with an unclear colour scheme or theme.


The Right Tiler

Once you’ve picked your tiles, and decided how you are going forward with your design, you’ll want to find a reputable company for an efficient and swift installation.
You’ll need a company who can provide or source the tiles you need (if you haven’t already bought them yourself), you’ll require a reputable company to cut the tiles or design for you, and you will require a reputable tiler to install them into your home skillfully and competently.


Their reputation and reviews is one of the quickest ways to find out if a company is worth your time and money. Online reviews and testimonials are a common, easy method for people to provide feedback on their experience with the company, and whether or not they were satisfied with it.


A portfolio or gallery of their existing work is always helpful when finding a company to install tiles in your home. This gives you the opportunity to see the work that they have done in the past, as well as engage with the company briefly, allowing you to obtain an idea of their work ethic and company temperament. Good customer service is just as important as a job well done!


The method they use when cutting tiles also helps provide you with an idea of the quality of workmanship you can expect from them. Many companies use older methods of tile cutting, which can result in poor quality edges, or tiles which are noticeably irregular in pattern. These methods are also not able to handle the large format tiles that are now so trendy (& stunning!)
Waterjet cutting is one of the best methods to use when cutting tiles, as it is accurate, provides a clean-edge finish and the design options are endless, making life so much easier and simpler.  



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