Bathroom designs have always been an important factor for homeowners. It is perhaps one of the only rooms in the house which don’t necessarily have to consist of the same design, colour scheme or theme as the rest of the house. There are many designs trending for bathrooms with showers, where the shower is used as the focal point.

More Monochrome
Easy, elegant and often exquisite, monochromatic bathrooms can make a statement with very little effort. They eliminate the need for a complicated colour scheme, and allow for easy accessorising and decorating. A popular trend for showers in bathrooms with this theme is often minimalistic, with large, exaggerated shower heads and clear glass walls. Touches of bronze are often seen in these bathrooms, such as bronze showerheads or knobs.

Bamboo Is The Future
With the latest emphasis on eco friendliness and the whole natural vibe, a popular trend is to incorporate natural or neutral looking materials into your bathroom.
There are stunning wood look tiles around that bring the outdoors in, as well as large format tiles in concrete tiles giving an industrial, natural look. Bamboo, a sustainable material source, is being integrated into shower designs through shower panels as well as through shower shelving and wall pieces. An added benefit of this design feature is its ability to compliment many tile designs and colour variants, such as whites, marbles and natural hues.

Neutral, Natural Stone
A guaranteed method of creating a shower which embodies luxury is through using natural stone in your design. All of the latest design trends stress the necessity for a bathroom with the look and feel of richness, elegance and modernity. A large shower with natural stone walls and a neutral-toned tiled floor will do many bathrooms well!

The Dark Returns
Past trends have emphasized bright, cleaner-looking tones such as whites and beiges. However, a trend that seems to be on the rise is dark tones and mattes in tiles of varying sizes. Accompanying this dark / monochrome trend are cabinets of equal shaded hues, such as greys, chromes and silvers in the same tile!



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