Matte tiles are flat and smooth and the low sheen gives a soft but powerful effect. Tiles with this finish are also incredibly versatile. They can be used to create a softer, more informal atmosphere, or transform your space into having that edgy industrial look and feel (especially if you’re using large format matte tiles!). Besides looking great, there are some major benefits to matte tiles:

Excellent for entryways – Matte tiles make dirt less visible, making them great for high-traffic areas. Make an impact in your home’s entrance with a custom cut design, talk to us – we have amazing ideas!

Ideal for kitchen countertops – Matte tiles make stunning countertops. They are more scratch-resistant than many other surfaces, and also have the added bonus of not showing smudges and water marks as easily as glossy tiles.

Better traction – Matte tiles provide better traction than their glossy counterparts. This makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms and outside spaces, especially around the swimming pool! Talk to us to have your pool coping custom cut to match your matte tiles.

Durability Because they last longer, matt tiles are excellent for outside areas like patios, poolsides and porches where the elements are at play.

A superior choice for a rustic look If you are creating a rustic or traditional look in your home, matte tiles can be easily combined with natural stone. When selecting a rustic floor surface, matte tiles should be your first choice – even though matte and stone tiles have a similar look, the tiles are not as abrasive as stone.

Low maintenance It is a lot simpler to maintain matte tiles – they conceal stains, smudges and dried water droplets a lot easier than glossy tiles. There is no need to keep them as polished as their glossy counterparts!

The perfect finish for a soothing ambience The soft, muted hues achieved with matte tiles ooze serenity and calmness, and will give your space a tranquil effect. It brings a feeling of warmth into any area.

Matte or Gloss – The Final Verdict

As you can see, matte tiles have incredible benefits. But, so do glossy tiles! How to choose? Why not create a bespoke space using both? Tile Styles can cut any tile, of any size, into any shape. Talk to us to help you create a custom design using the tiles of your choice.




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