There’s a Massive Geo Tile Trend in Décor

One of the latest trends in tile designs are geometric shapes – and hexagons are at the top of the list in popularity. These interesting little shapes are also one of the most preferred shapes in nature. Think about soap bubbles, honeycombs and fly eyes… And they are now making their way into stylish homes in a big way!

Hexagons are Hip and Happening

The attractive geometric shapes can be used to create a sleek and sophisticated space, they can be used to add a futuristic geometric touch to an ultra-modern area – or you could even create fabulously funky optical illusions that help balance room proportions.

Here are some ideas on how you can use these tiles in your space:

  • Use various patterns and textures in the same colour in each hexagonal tile, or use a variety of colours and patterns for an interesting ‘textured’ look.
  • Mix other geometric shapes in with your hexagons to create appealing patterns.
  • Using hexagonal tiles in shades of grey look sophisticated and sleek.
  • Create attractive juxtaposition by using light grout with black or navy hexagonal tiles, or a black grout with white or cream hexagonal tiles.
  • For a fascinating textured honeycomb shape on walls, use hexagonal tiles with varied thicknesses.
  • Use the same hexagonal tiles on the floor and one of the walls for a trendy feel.

Have some tiles with the right colour and texture? Tile Styles can easily cut them into hexagons for you. Talk to us.



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