In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, what’s better than coming home to a restorative and soothing atmosphere? With colour, texture and basic design items, you can turn your personal space into a sanctuary for the soul. The start of this year has seen interior designers integrating the calm that nature brings into creating soothing interiors by using a gorgeous variety of greens. Let’s explore the psychology behind this vibrant colour.

Green is for Growth!

It is also for balance, peace and harmony, not to mention enhanced life force, renewal and energy – exactly what everybody needs in a home space.When used in a foyer or entrance, it eases the transition from the outdoors inside and when used in dining areas it increases appetite while giving a sensation of freshness. Sound good? Here are some tips to incorporate green into your home:

  • Use green on an accent wall in the living room and balance it with a green rug.
  • If you are considering using green in larger areas, use it in bathrooms, studies or bedrooms. It is excellent for intellectual activities while inducing an atmosphere of tranquillity.
  • Add colour and texture to an entrance hall with floor tiles in different shapes and shades of green, or even a touch of green in a border. We can cut tiles into any shape or size for you!
  • Tiles also offer you the opportunity to play with texture, which is big this season. Alternate tiles in the same shade of green or with a mix of other natural tones and include different textures, like matt, rough, rippled and shiny.
  • Bring green into your kitchen space with a mosaic splashback in different shades and shapes or decor items. Let us design and cut it for you, the options are limitless.
  • If you are not keen on completely revamping your home into glorious greenness, you can still get some green in with fresh plants, soft furnishings you can easily change like scatter cushions, curtains, vases and lampshades.
  • And one final funky idea… for literally off-the-wall trendiness, why not wallpaper your ceiling in green get us to cut & manufacture a wall décor panel for you that you can use as a statement piece and work of art! After all – it’s the buzz phrase right now….. GO GREEN!



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