You may wonder how you could cut something as hard and strong as a tile with something as soft and gentle as water. Believe it or not but our state-of-the-art water jet cutting machines can cut all kinds of tiles and even stronger materials like brass and copper! It is not only a highly accurate way of cutting materials, it also saves you money and endless frustration.

This is how it works

The Aquajet machine cuts by way of projecting an extremely high-pressure mixture of water and a very fine abrasive substance. To understand how high this pressure is, think of a water tap which usually has around 10 bars of pressure in a stream of water more or less the thickness of your thumb. The water jet cutting machine projects a jet of water at a whopping 3,000 bars from a tiny 1mm nozzle and cuts at around 0.2 to 0.5 mm, whereby the width of a blade cutter (the more common method used by tilers to cut tiles) is between 3mm and 5mm.

Benefits of this process

If you’ve ever had part of your home tiled, you will know that there is a lot of wastage through broken tiles. Even when you buy extra tiles, in case some need replacing in the future, ordinary blade cutting can ruin your spares. The tiler often has to use these extras just to get the job done and as styles change, matching tiles may not be available. Because our cutting method is more compact, more precise and doesn’t require high levels of heat, there is less damage to the tiles during the process. It is a highly accurate method of cutting tiles – the cut is clean and neat without damaging the tile. Because not much of the tile is ‘lost’ in our cutting method, you are able to contain the number of tiles you require for a project and reduce wastage.

We are also able to cut and manufacture mosaic sheets, pool coping and step edges from your tiles to allow you the luxury of not having to look for a matching product and to have uniformity in your home so tiles are not wasted through cutting errors.Why use old methods when you can use our pioneering technology for your tile cutting needs? Talk to us about your next home improvement project as we would be more than happy to assist.

This is our machine doing some intricate work in action.



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