What is pool coping?

When you sit beside the pool with your toes dangling in the water, or when you come up to the side to get out of the pool after a swim, the edge that you hold on to or sit on is what is called coping. Pool coping gives your pool visual definition and protects the pool structure. It is a simple but striking way to bring a luxurious and stylish look to your outside area, while adding uniqueness and a touch of personal taste.

Ready, set, swim!

There are many options available when it comes to pool coping. By using tiles it is an ideal way of bringing in design elements from other areas and creating a natural flow and consistency in your outside area.

Tile Styles specializes in the cutting and manufacturing of pool coping by either using the same tiles you’ve used around the pool or outside area and different tiles of your choice. Tiles are durable, and simply beautiful. Other design elements can also be added to your coping by mixing different colours or textures of tiles, adding in a design element or simple grooved lines.

A few other ideas:

  •  Bring continuity to your outside area. Use the same coping for garden bed edging or wall capping and even your step edges leading into your home from your outside area.
  •  Use solid, neutral colours and designs if you plan to sell your home in the future. Although you may love a funky design, future buyers may not.
  •  Create a focal point with a large tile design custom cut to your specifications and design choice.



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