Fashion designer Ralph Rucci said, ‘When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind, you enjoy life a little bit more.’ And having a more enjoyable life is not the only benefit of creating a beautiful home. When you make an investment in making your house more beautiful, it has far-reaching effects. It not only turns the space you spend your days in into the ideal sanctuary for resting, eating and making memories with family and friends – it also adds to your resale value.

It’s all in the detail

When it comes to remodelling or redecorating your home, it’s not just about revamping your furniture and putting on a coat of paint. For a truly luxurious feel, focus on smart finishing touches. By adding elegant design elements throughout your home, you can effectively create a high-end home, without breaking the bank. Focus on step edges, bathroom showers, recesses and edge trims. A few well conceived and professionally executed finishes can go a long way in making an ordinary home look and feel high-end. Or, if you are in the market for a complete luxurious overhaul, talk to us about creating a cohesive, designed look throughout your home. View our projects here

Make your space flow

A clever design trick employed by designers of the crème de la crème of homeowners is to make every space in the home flow from one to the next – especially complementary areas like kitchens, dining areas and living rooms. Make these spaces flow seamlessly by using a similar palette, common materials and design elements.

You could tile your kitchen and custom cut shapes out of the same tiles to use as edge trims or for recesses in your dining area. Another idea is to create a beautiful custom floor design, or border pattern, and install it on the floor space between or in your dining and living area. With custom-cut tiles the possibilities are limitless! You could even highlight these spaces with additional design elements, like Swarovski crystals – it’s a major trend right now, along with using contrasting colours or textured tiles.



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