The key to your dream bathroom is not only deciding on which bath and basin to install, or where the shower goes, but also in choosing the right tiles. Tiles can create texture, emphasise the shape of the room, create the illusion of more space, instantly modernise a bathroom and also add value to your property. Here are some ideas to help you start your decision-making process.

Consider creating a focal point – Make a statement with an eye-catching focal point in your bathroom. This can easily be created using a water jet cut decor on a whole wall or on the floors, or as a border on walls or floors – combining and co-ordinating colours, introducing patterns and texture, or using feature tiles on a single wall to create a background for a beautiful bath or basin. You could even create a customised design with cut tiles.  

Talk to us about making your ideas come to life. Feel free to make an appointment to see us at our factory or check out our website, Facebook page or Instagram page to see the endless ideas & inspiration.

Create ‘zones’ with tiles – Just like a rug can create or enhance a living space zone, featured tiles can create zones in your bathroom as well. Use contrasting tiles that are specially water jet cut for borders or patterns/designs in your shower, around the vanity area, or even on a feature wall.  Tile the area directly around your bath and basin with tiles in other shapes, or even other complementing colours.

Add a splash of contrasting colour or texture – Colourful tiles introducing a contrasting colour or texture to your bathroom space can have a striking impact on a bathroom space, especially when mostly using white or neutral tiles. Use coloured tiles entirely on one or two walls or in accent areas. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with colour and ruin the effect! The key is to maintain balance.

Specifically manufactured edge trims or step edges – This can make all the difference to the finishing touches and create flawless finishes! Whether on your bath edge, window ledges and surrounds, vanities or step edges into your shower or bathroom, we can cut and manufacture edge trims or step edges from the existing tiles you’ve chosen for the rest of the bathroom, or provide colour matched strips to finish off edges.

Mosaics in various sizes/shapes Mosaics are always on trend and a great way to add in that touch of ‘difference’. There is a reason why this trend keeps coming back. The magic of mosaic brings a world of options for shapes, colours and tactile finishes – geared to reflect your personal style. Tile Styles uses full tiles supplied by the client to create sheets of mosaics in a wide range of shapes and sizes. So, no more shopping around for matching mosaic sheets when you can have them made to order! Mosaics in natural stone are becoming increasingly popular, shapes like herringbone, fans and hexagons are all the rage at the moment.

Add texture with feature tiles – A neutral design does not have to be plain. Create texture by having the same tiles used throughout the bathroom either scribed or cut into smaller shapes, and using as a feature panel or for an entire wall in the shower area or up from the bath. You could even cover one or two walls with these tiles.

Don’t rush, choose wisely

Choosing the right colour, size, shape and finish tiles for your bathroom can be a challenge – there is such a massive range available! Take your time to make the right decisions. Take some tiles home and see how you feel about living with them. And don’t forget that Tile Styles can cut any tile into any shape. The only limitation is your imagination! Talk to us about your dream bathroom today.



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