What on earth is Hygge, and what does it have to do with bathrooms or tiles? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish concept that means cosy, content, at peace or special. It is a lifestyle trend and is being incorporated into interior styling all over the world. According to research done by the Happiness Research Institute Hygge makes you happy. The good news is that you can use it in your bathroom styling! Here are some tips to create a Hygge-inspired bathroom space.

Keep your space clutter-free

By making sure your bathroom is not cluttered with half-empty shampoo bottles and other useless bits and bobs, your space will be more enjoyable to be in. Save space with vertical storage. You could incorporate shower shelving build into your shower and finished off with edge trims manufactured by Tiles Styles from your existing tiles, or build in alcoves or recesses into bathroom walls to store products or stacks of fresh towels.

Try out some textures

Believe it or not but texture can drastically affect the mood in a bathroom. Make your bathroom feel cosy with plush fabrics. Choose thick fluffy towels and bathmats so lush you love stepping out of the shower or bathtub every time. Create aesthetic appeal with different textured tiles around your bathroom mirror, or on a focus wall, which we can water jet cut for you. Being in beautiful surroundings immediately increases our happiness factor, and happiness is what Hygge is all about!

Mood lighting

A Hygge-inspired bathroom has a comforting ambience and the easiest way to do this is with lighting. Steer clear of harsh electric lighting. Install a skylight for natural light or dimmable lighting for evenings when you’d like to enjoy a relaxing bath. Candles create a tranquil atmosphere. Use some Swarovski crystal highlights in your tiles – Tile Styles can supply these crystals, and cut your tiles and insert them to specific designs. These little gems catch the light in just the right way making your mood lighting even more effective.

Strip it back

With Hygge, less is more and a minimalistic style aesthetic is what you should be aiming at. Be selective when choosing how your bathroom space is filled. Clean lines, glass fittings and tiles in white or stone hues will help you achieve a natural laid back feel. To create a seamless space, consider installing a clear glass shower with frameless shower doors. It is the perfect way to show off stunning tile work in your shower! And while we have mentioned using mosaics, you could also consider the bespoke cut and scribed shower floors that we manufacture at Tile Styles. They are very sleek and neat and creates a lovely contemporary style in your shower.

Talk to us about the tile work needed to create your perfectly happy Hygge bathroom space.



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