It’s SPRING and we are seeing a world of colour unfolding outside. With the incredible options available for tiles these days, you can bring some stunning colour into your home. And what makes the fantastic colours available even more exciting, is that Tile Styles can custom cut your colourful tiles into any shape or design you can imagine.

Here are some of the top trending tile colours at the moment:

Earthy tones are still on trend, but you an add earthy mustards and turmerics to the mix. Balance it with bright turquoise towels and bathmats for a Middle Eastern feel in your newly revamped bathroom.

Peachy pink tiles can bring an element of class to any space. Why not cut tiles into a bespoke design to create a unique effect. Talk to us about a creative solution and add a touch of elegance.

Rich crimson tiles make the ultimate statement, especially when balanced with dove grey. Imagine how invigorating your kitchen could be with this decadent colour on the floor or walls!

Vintage is back with peacock green tiles. Go all the way and have your tiles cut into long rectangles,  and install them vertically onto an accent wall, or part of it. Or have them cut into large hexagonal shapes and mix in with other tile colours. Another idea is to cut squares and rectangles in various sizes to make up an interesting wall or floor design feature.

Whatever colour scheme you choose, don’t forget that you are not limited to installing the tiles you buy exactly the way they are. You can mix and match colours and shapes to create your own designer space. Don’t just pick a colour – experiment with texture, placement, and especially with shapes and sizes. Talk to us to make your design aspirations come to life with custom cut tiles.



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